St. Joachim's:

Pastoral Council: Marie Curran, Larry Doyle, Arlene Powers, James Whalen

Property & Finance: Fred McInnis, Brian McKenna (Co-Chair), Russell McQuaid, Jeannie Morrissey, Charles Murphy, Leo Walsh (Co-Chair)

Liturgical: Nancy Gill, Mary Sullivan-Young, Donna Trainor

Outreach Coordinator: Ronalda Whalen

Religious Education Coordinator:  Colleen MacPherson 

Knights of Columbus: Robert MacDonald (Grand Knight)

CWL: Crissy Czank (President)

Cemetery: Pam Campbell, Gelasius Curran, Gerard Gill, David MacDonald (Chair), David MacPherson, Eddie Trainor, Ronalda Whalen


Our Lady of the Assumption:

Pastoral Council:  Karen MacDonald (Co-Chair), Nicole Phillips (Co-Chair), Tina Baglole, Andrew MacDougald, Joe McCabe, Paul Power, Sylvie Thibodeau-Sealy

Property & Finance:  Joe Bradley, Ian Burge, Charlene Duffy, Terry Hogan (Co-Chair), Jane McNeil, Kevin Walsh (Co-Chair) 

Liturgy:  Richard Allen/Faith McIntyre, Carol Fitzpatrick, Sandra Gallant, Allan Keoughan, Kathleen MacDonald, Clare Waddell

Fund Raising: Tina Baglole, Gordie Cox, Mary MacLean, Pam Newcombe, Kilby Rinco

Social & Community Building:  James Aylward, Teresa Hennebery, Shelley Heron, Mary MacIntyre, Nicole Phillips, Debi Richard

Outreach:  Mike Farmer (Chair), Susan Farmer, Kathleen MacDonald, Barb MacDougall, Mary MacLean, Barb McInnis, Claire Rogers, Joe Rogers

Religious Education Coordinator:  Jennifer Orlowski

Knights of Columbus: Richard Allen (Deputy Grand Knight)

CWL:  Mary MacLean (President)

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